This Week

This week started with a really fun trip to a trampoline park in Springfield, VA with a couple of other bloggers, Katie from Disney Katie and Heidi from Me And My Tween for a fun day of jumping. We had a great time with the 6 kids that came. Even the adults got in on the action. Watch for a whole post about them later next week.


After the kids were sufficiently tired out we went to my favorite Utah restaurant. Can you say:

LOGO red

I know it isn’t real Mexican food but it is like a taste of home.

On Friday it was Dress Like A Cow for free Chick-Fil-A. Now this had me torn for a few minutes as to if I was going to let the girls participate or not. I do not agree with the company’s stance on quite a few things but then I figured it was free so it was like I was sort of ripping them off, sort of? Well in my mind it worked. Even with the free publicity that they got, I have to pick my battles. They are the only fast food place that we can go to around here. Not to mention if I stopped using all brands that I didn’t agree with politically I would be making my own soap and deodorant, and growing all of my own food. But I can’t keep a plant alive to save my own life, so well, that is out.


On Friday afternoon Lewis decided to throw the kids in the car and go camping last-minute. I know, trips are always last-minute with us.

“I’m not a planner. I wouldn’t say I’m a planner. I would say I’m a kinda fly by the seat of my pants gal. You know moment to moment, yeah that’s me, that’s…yeah”

Now, if you can be the first one to name that movie I have a prize for you! Leave your answer in the comments.

Lewis found this really cool campground just 30 minutes north of us. It has water-slides, zip lines, mini golf, go-carts, and so much more that is all included in the price of the campsite. Now since it was so last-minute and I was trying to double up on work this weekend since I am going out-of-town at the end of this week, I stayed home on Friday night and worked. I did drive up on Saturday for a couple of hours and had a good time. I brought the boys home in the evening and left Lewis and the girls up there for another night. We are all going to go back together and bring Mojito with us soon. they have 2 bedroom cabins with a full kitchen that allow pets. Plus, it is air-conditioned 🙂 Score!


On Saturday and Sunday I made a ton of pin-wheels for a post that is coming out on Thursday for a Blogger Round-Up that I am participating in for kids paper crafts.


Sunday afternoon we headed into “the city” to meet up with some old friends from high school to watch the final soccer game. It was fun gossiping reminiscing about all of our friends and where they are, and what they are doing today. No pictures though. I was having an off day.

So for Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday all I have done is work like a maniac for 12 hours+ a day to get all of my work done this week because I am leaving on Thursday for Blogger Bash/SweetSuite in NYC!! #BBNYC My girls have pretty much had to fend for themselves since my husband has been gone for work. They are the kind of kids that want to be entertained and it was just not happening the past two days. They ended up figuring out what to do and had a good time. Riding bikes, walking the dog down to feed the horses next door, building a fort, coloring, the list goes on and on. but now they know they can entertain themselves if they have to.

Purchase Of The Week:


I got this bag in teal! (Enter squealing girly sounds here.) I can’t find a picture of it but just wait until next week and I will have some actual pictures with the bag. Lewis took me to the mall and let me to the bags and told me to just “Pick one”. So I did! I love love love it! Don’t I have a great husband?!