So here we are at the end of the month of Milkshake Mondays. So far this month we have made:

OREO Milkshakes:

July 2014 012

Berry Milkshakes:

July 2014 016

And had vacation milkshakes made for us:


Guess what?

It is the final Milkshake Monday of July and I am still on vacation!

Since I am still on vacation I still can’t make milkshakes.

Best laid plans, right?

So I guess it was a good idea to try the Milkshake Mondays for the month of July. Maybe the fact that I was only home and not traveling for 3 days so far during this month should have been a clue to maybe wait for August, or not. We had a good time making milkshakes and who knows maybe next year we will actually stay home for a month during the summer so that we can get some more fun recipes out there.