Last week I did the second installment of my Milkshake Monday posts. We have been having such a great time with the milkshakes that I decided to keep Milkshake Monday going for the whole month of July. So far this month we did OREO Milkshakes, followed by Berry Milkshakes the next week. I will let you guess which one I picked to make and which one the kids wanted. It really has been a fun treat to make. A fun treat that they have been looking forward to making again this week.

But here is the caveat. I am not at home with the kids. Well, technically I do have two of my kids with me, but I am not at home. I took my two teenage boys and we are out West visiting our friends that we have missed so much this past year, while my husband holds down the fort and entertains the girls. Since I am on vacation I had to switch up Milkshake Monday just a little bit this week. We decided we still wanted milkshakes and since we are staying with family and didn’t want to make a big old mess we decided to go out for milkshakes instead. Sometimes in life we have to roll with the punches, and this punch wasn’t so bad because we got to go on vacation and I still got to do my milkshake post.

We decided to hit up a local place that has milkshakes in about 50 flavors whose tag line is “Above The Rim”. And above the rim they are! They stick out of the cup about 4-6 inches and the milkshake is so think that it doesn’t melt, drip, and make a mess. We have eaten them before when we were living out here and they are good. We all pretty much have our favorites and being the boring people that we are dependable, reliable, and consistent people that we are, we get the same kind each time. This Monday was no different. 2 peanut butter cup shakes, and a Butterfingers shake. The perfect end to a travel day!