Last Wednesday I was invited to a blogger meet-up at Sterling Restaurant Supply. We all know them from the great giveaways that I have been doing this summer. Right now they are partnering with me on this great taco stand giveaway. You can get in the giveaway action here.


So anyway, last Wednesday.

I was invited to a blogger meet-up thanks to Real Housewives of Northern Virginia. I was invited along with about a dozen other bloggers to check out SRS, have some munchies & bubbly, and do a little shopping. Since I have been to the store before I knew what to expect. I love restaurant supply stores. No matter how many times I go to them, I find something new that I NEED. This time I looked at totally different items and found a ton of new stuff that I needed immediately. SRS has done some remodeling and painting since I was last at the warehouse and place is looking fantastic!

At first all of the bloggers just milled around snacking and chatting. They had a nice table of snacks set out for us to munch on.



I had not met many of these particular bloggers so it was nice to put faces to blog names and see the few people who I did know. I grabbed this picture from the SRS Facebook page. They had their photographer there so we were all able to be a picture together.


After we did a little browsing and a little chatting Laura, from SRS, gathered us all together to tell us all a  little about the company. Then she gave us a little tour and let us see the warehouse. It was so stocked full! They do a sale about twice a year when everyone is welcome to come back and shop. I don’t think I am ever going to be able to miss that again! The deals were just too good to pass up!


After the tour it was shopping time! It usually takes me forever to make up my mind when I am shopping and this time is no different. I walked around and looked…


And looked some more…


And looked some more…


I finally settled on a serving bowl and dish set, a bamboo salad bowl and serving set, and a few cute little plates that will make perfect photo plates for food that I make. You will be seeing all of it very soon here on the blog. SRS generously gave us each a gift of a certain amount that we could spend on them, but of course, as my husband can tell you, I can never stay on budget. So I went over and happily paid the difference. I feel like I could go to this store once a week and find something that I NEED to have immediately.

As you can tell everyone was very excited with their purchases at the event.


Thanks to SRS and Andrea from RH Nova for setting this up and having us out for a fun night.