This Week:

I spent this whole week working for Mom It Forward at their annual family conference, Family Forward Orlando Adventure, in Florida. I just want to do a quick recap of the week since I will have a real post about the conference later this week.

First of all I have to say that this was probably the worst week for me to be gone. It was the busiest week at home for the kids and husband. This week cross country was 6 days a week, 2 schools had school pictures, 1 PSAT sign up was going on, and 2 meet the teacher nights happened. Not to mention that 2 of the kids got sick enough to have to stay home from school. All of that plus the normal family/kid stuff (homework, lessons, laundry, etc.) made for a busy household while I was gone.

So while they were at home dealing with the weekly schedule, I was working hard, and playing hard in Orlando. I have never been to Orlando or Universal Studios so I was really excited to check it out. The one thing I will say is that the humidity was atrocious! It was the worst that I have ever dealt with and I have been all over the world. With temps in the 90’s and humidity in the 90% plus levels the temperatures felt like it was around 107 degrees. Almost unbearable. But once we figured out ways to deal with the humidity we had a great time!

Can you say Exclusive VIP Event in Diagon Alley? Just for our group? It was amazing! No lines, free Butterbeer! Was I in heaven?


I am still having trouble explaining the level of excitement and enjoyment that I had being able to walk in the uncrowded streets. My only sadness came from the fact that my family was not with me and missed out on such an amazing experience.


I was the last person out when the event was over so I was able to get some great photos without people in them. It was an experience that can never be duplicated.


During the week we had some amazing workshops that were sponsored by some great brands. The attendees, along with their families got to work together and accomplish some fun activities. (More on all this in another post.)

It was an amazing week. I got home late last night and I am still exhausted today. I really think that it might take me a few days to recover.

Purchase Of The Week:

I am not sure that I can say that any one thing was my favorite purchase of the week this week because there were so many. I will leave you with this picture. This was one of my favorite purchases even though they did not last very long.


Have a great week!