During the first week of school our county had a little fair. I feel just about as excited about the fair as I do about a parade. You can read about that here. My kids only had a week of school before I had to leave for a work trip to Florida for a full 8 days. Combine my upcoming trip with the mommy guilt that I felt for being gone so much of the summer and you get me promising to take my girls to the fair over the weekend before I left for Orlando. The last time I had been to a fair was several years ago to the Utah state fair. We actually saw a great comedy/juggling act, but once that was done I was ready to go.

Even though my girls have been to many amusement parks they still think that the scary, broken, death traps rides at a fair look like so much fun. So I took them and held my breath while they rode the crazy rides that looked like they could break at any turn.


I really can’t explain why my daughter is wearing a LONG SLEEVED SWEATSHIRT. It was so hot outside that I was melting in my tank top and shorts. (She might need counseling to figure it out. Or I do, or maybe we both do.) All I know is that I am not cut out for this crazy stuff called humidity. Even when it is 65 degrees outside I need to be in a tank top and shorts. Forget about socks and shoes too. It is flip-flops or sandals all the way.


My crazy husband decided that he would ride this one with Abigail when Haley chickened out (smart girl). They had a great time but just looking up scared me enough to walk away.




They were all smiles when they made it down safely. But if you look closely the very small boy sitting to their left didn’t look quite as happy when the ride was over. He looks sort of scared and sick at the same time.


Another thing about county fairs? The animals. I love animals but the amount of animals that they shove into such a small space? Whoooo! Stinky! When you walk through the barns with all of the animals you know what it would feel like to live in a barn. A barn that has never been cleaned out. And you need a shower when you get home because there is no other way to shed the wonderful aroma of cow pies from your hair.


I also find that you run into some, well, not so bright people at the county fair. Just read this sign and you will see what I mean. If you don’t see anything wrong with the sign please feel free to disregard this post (that means stops reading this, and forget about it). This sign was for a mechanical bull riding contest.

How does one have a “high time” on a bull?


The girls had a great time. Lewis and I endured. We spent 2 hours and $70, and we didn’t even eat there. We left and picked up dinner on the way home. I hope this is the last year that the girls ask to go because if I live forever I would be fine never going to a small county fair again.