First of all it feels like I took this trip with my daughter FOREVER ago, but you know what it is like when you are talking about Disney. You can come home and want to go back a week later.

To help you remember: I surprised my daughter with a trip to Disney at the beginning of November for her birthday. She had no idea that she was going until we walked into the airport.

The first day we were there (Friday) we spent the morning at an expo for the Wine and Dine race. I decided at the last minute to surprise Haley with the trip so it was too late for us to join even the 5K.


After the expo we headed over to Epcot to spend the afternoon eating.

Wine And Dine at Epcot


Even though I do not drink wine, I definitely do dine. It was not very busy at all. The picture above actually makes it look busier than it was. We started out by walking the circle of countries and trying whatever sounded good. I forgot to take pictures of the food because I was enjoying it too much! Haley and I shared most of the bites and only threw out two things due to ONIONS, YUCK!

We started out in Patagonia where we had the Grilled Beef Skewer. Haley doesn’t usually like steak-type meat but she loved this one.


Our next stop was Mexico. We had a Rib-Eye Taco and again we both loved the tender meat in the little taco. I was disappointed with how small this one was, even considering it was supposed to be a “bite” or appetizer portion.


China was up next in the rotation. We shared some Chicken Potstickers and I was underwhelmed. It was fine, but it was just fine.


We may have spent the most money in Germany. In Germany we bought one of each of the offerings. We got Schinkennudeln (which is just mac and cheese with ham) BUT it was riddled with onions so it met the trash faster than you could say “Schinkennudeln”.  We also enjoyed a Roast Bratwurst on a crusty roll and a Berliner (doughnut filled with apricot jam). I enjoyed the brat a little more and she liked the Berliner a little more so we were a perfect pair.


We stopped in France at the bakery for a treat when we were walking by. I did not take a picture of my treat because I was disappointed in what I chose. Next time I will choose wisely and have something picture worthy.


Morocco was a stretch for the two of us as we are both very picky eaters. But we went out on a limb and tried the Pocket and it was pretty good. A pita pocket filled with thinly sliced meat was about as crazy as we could take it.


I will have to say that our last country was my favorite, and my least favorite all in one. We got the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup that we heard people raving about all day and then discarded it almost immediately. It was basically onion soup with cheese, yuck. Those dang onions kept ruining food for us. The Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon was the best thing that I ate all day. It was so tender that it melted in my mouth. Luckily for me Haley doesn’t like mushrooms and since the name had “mushroom” in the title she didn’t even want a taste, so it was all mine!


Our last food stop was for a Dole Whip. I have been hearing about Dole Whips for years and never really knew what they were. Well I am here to tell you that they are creamy frozen pineapple juice. Yup. They are yummy but I am not sure that they are “dream worthy”.


But the birthday girl loved them, and if she was in heaven then so was I. Because that is what the trip was all about, right?


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