This is week 4 of me participating in Stream of Consciousness Sunday with Fadra from All Things Fadra.

So, um, I moved.

Who Moves In Less Than 10 Days?

The last time we moved we went from Utah (near Salt Lake City) to the greater DC Metro area. We moved to a small town near Harpers Ferry, WV about an hour outside of DC.

We took almost 5 months to find a house, pack, and get our family ready to go. We had 10 going away parties, and multiple dinner, lunch, & breakfast dates to say goodbye to friends. I gave 4 months notice at my job, and took my time cleaning out our house by having 2 yard sales, numerous trips to DI (which is Utah’s Goodwill), and getting a HUGE construction dumpster delivered to put into our driveway so we could get rid of big stuff.

This time we made the decision on a Thursday and moved the following Friday. We still got the house cleaned out, still got rid of all of the furniture that we no longer needed/wanted, and still made numerous trips to Goodwill. Luckily, at this time I work from home so there was no notice to give.

But back to my original question: Who moves in less than 10 days.

I do.

When it comes to positive attributes I think that being willing to jump at a chance and try something new is on my list. Just because this chance brought us back to a place that we already knew is just a big bonus.

When we lived in Utah before I wanted to move and show my kids a different part of the country. I wanted them to see and experience something new, so we did it. I met a bunch of great ladies thanks to this blog of mine and I will miss seeing them at all of our fun events. We traveled all over the east coast and had a great time doing different things and meeting different people.

But it is always nice to come home. It really is beautiful here.

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