Can I just talk about Grey’s Anatomy for 5 minutes?


When asked about his death on the show despite the fact that he just signed a 2 year contract at the beginning of this year Patrick Dempsey replied:

“Yes. You’re right. (Pause) It just sort of evolved. It’s just kind of happened. It really was something that was kind of surprising that unfolded and uh, and it just naturally came to be, which was pretty good. I like the way it has all played out.”


I don’t care about the drama behind the scenes or the “diva” attitude or any other rumors about the show. I will say this:

  • To people that say it doesn’t matter if he is there or not – YOU ARE WRONG. You think it won’t matter that one of the main characters are gone? Did the show change when Sandra Oh left? Yes, it changed the whole dynamic with the characters. You think that losing McDreamy is going to be easy and good for show? Think again.
  • I am all about switching it up and adding new characters and plot lines to keep us interested but HELLO! The McDreamy/Meredith plot line was the original one that grabbed us and pulled us into the show,
  • They let him survive getting shot, a terrible airplane crash, plus multiple break ups, hostage situations, bombs, and more. Then as he is turn his car around in the middle of the road he gets a phone call (MIRACULOUSLY he has cell service in a no service zone – all of the sudden btw) and he goes to answer it and gets hit by the only vehicle that comes down the road for 5 hours or more. Uh-huh.
  • This loss is huge for the show. Why could they have not let him live for the rest of the season, what 3 more episodes?


Shonda, you had me all the way to the end of Private Practice. You have my full attention for How To Get Away With Murder. Even Scandal with its crazy plot twists and holes this season still has me glued to the set (as long as you don’t kill off my favorite – Scott Foley). But with this twist on Grey’s I might actually have to walk away from a show that I have been watching for 10 years. Maybe it is just time to say goodbye.

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*I apologize for this ridiculous post about a show that has no merit on real life especially with so many real tragedies going on in the world.