She was born 11 weeks early. She was tiny. She was cranky. She was Abi.

Picture 009

As she grew her personality grew. If someone told her that she was “too small”, she would prove them wrong. If someone (her brothers) told her that she could’t do it because she was a girl, she would prove them wrong.

When she was almost 7 she was determined to ride a two-wheeler. She was still so small and light that balance was hard. She would practice & practice. She would fall down and get right back up. She never let anyone persuade her to stop (although we all asked her to just wait another couple of months).

One early Spring day I was inside taking pictures of a cake that I had made for  Easter and the kids were outside playing. I heard screaming and yelling. My daughter, Haley, ran in and said that Abi was trying to ride again with supervision. I went out through the garage and saw the most amazing thing. It is a good thing I had my camera.

March 2010 048

March 2010 049

She wibbled and wobbled.

March 2010 062

She had determination in her eyes.

March 2010 051

When she finished she said, “And one day I just might fly.”

March 2010 064