Create A Writing Time Schedule…And Stick To It.


Whether you are a full-time blogger or a part-time poster keeping to a schedule will help keep you organized. I set aside 2 hours a night 5 days a week when my little kids are in bed and it is quiet in the house to dedicate writing posts. No matter what I write it gives me 10 hours a week that I know is dedicated to this and nothing else. I am not saying I don’t write at other times too, I just dedicate this time no matter what. It keeps me on time with deadlines too.

Use A Hand Written Planner Or Calendar For Posts


I bought a large white board at the store and turned it into a large calendar that hangs over my desk. Each month I label the dates and the posts that I want to go live on each day. This helps me see the BIG picture at all times when I am answering emails and setting up sponsored posts. I also keep a small-ish calendar/organizer that fits in my purse. I fill this out weekly on Monday so that I know what I am working on for this week only. It is also convenient when I am traveling and visiting Brands and PR Agencies because then I know when and where I am available to post. I know we all have our smart phones that can be programmed but I find that writing things down helps me remember things easier.

Schedule Ahead of Time


Do you use Blogger or WordPress? I have used both in the past. If you have time to write posts over the weekend or find yourself feeling a bout of inspiration all of a sudden on a Sunday afternoon you have the option to write now and schedule your posts later. For example, I write my posts over the weekend and at night after I finish my day. I can schedule them to go live later in the week or the next morning depending upon when I want my post to go live. This makes it easy to write posts ahead of time so I can:

  • give myself a day off (ha!)
  • go on vacation with my family
  • avoid being glued to my computer all day everyday