Before I had kids I wasn’t very worried about winter driving safety. I probably drove too fast, changed lanes too often, and rolled through my stops – even when it was wet or snowy outside. But now that I have kids, I see the error in my ways. You have to watch for little ones in the parking lot. You have to keep an eye out for kids sledding down the hill. And you have to make sure everyone in the car is buckled up – even teenagers and other adults. In fact, I won’t drive unless everyone in my car has a seat belt on, even the teenager that knows better than me 😉

We travel so often that my kids just know to buckle up and help little ones with booster and car seats.

Car seat safety is one of the most important components to keeping children safe during travel in the winter. When I came across the following info-graphic I thought it was something important to share. Keep your self and kids safe this winter while driving!