Keeping the kids entertained during the summer can be quite a chore. Moms everywhere are on the lookout for new and engaging activities that don’t cost a fortune to keep the kids entertained during those hot summer months. Cake decorating with kids might not seem like something you want to do (if sirens and red flags of a messy kitchen are going off in your head, don’t panic). Using simple techniques, the kids will be so impressed with themselves and what they were able to create and you will have a good time doing it with them.  

The idea of making awesomely decorated cakes with the kids came to me after my nephew took part in a cake decorating contest in scouts and blew everyone away. A lot of people said there’s no way he did that on his own, his mom had to have done most of the decorating. But she didn’t. She just used some clever techniques that kids can do easy peasy that create works of art.

What You’ll Need

  • 1-2 boxes of cake mix – I used one white and one chocolate (both were generously donated by Miss Jones Baking Co for us to try which I love because they contain no sketchy ingredients)
  • 1 tub each vanilla and chocolate frosting
  • Several colors and types of sprinkles
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Candy of your choice

Make The Cakes

We made the cakes into cupcakes so the kids could try several techniques.  To make it fun I mixed things up by doing 6 plain chocolate, 6 chocolate filled (just push your favorite mini candy bar into the center. I used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups yum!), 6 plain white, and 6 white with chocolate swirls.

Cake Decorating With Kids

If your kids are old enough you can let them help make the cupcakes or take over completely.

Cake Decorating With Kids

Technique 1

Cake Decorating With Kids

Flowers. Frost with plenty of frosting. Cut mini marshmallows in half diagonally and press cut side into sprinkles or sanding sugar. Arrange marshmallows into flower shapes with leaves (dipped in green sugar) too if you want. For another look, start on outside and layer pedals around in a circular pattern working in toward the center. This gives more of a chrysanthemum look. This one is especially fun for kids because they have a great wow effect.

Technique 2

Cake Decorating With Kids

Peaks and Sprinkles. This is so easy and delicious. Use Cool Whip instead of frosting and a lot of it. Using the back of a spoon, press down and lift up in the cool whip to create high peaks. Top it off with a generous coating of sugar or sprinkles.

Technique 3

Cake Decorating With Kids

Strawberry Shortcake! The kids cut the cupcakes in half and used berries and cream. Less of a decoration and more of a topping. Either way it looked delicious and they ate these all up ASAP!

Cake decorating with kids always starts off with a valiant effort to make them look good, and ends up with a contest to see who can fit the most candy on one treat. We like to share our creations with friends and family when we’re done. Spread the love and the sweet. How will you pass the time this summer?