My family never thought that we were “Disney People” until we realized that we were, well, “Disney People”. We have skipped Christmas and taken the family to Disneyland not once but twice. I surprised my daughter with a trip to Disney World for her 12th birthday, and now I have done a #DisneySide @Home Celebration. I think it is clear to us all now that we are “Disney People”!

#Disneyside @Home Celebration Teen Villain Party


I applied to be a #DisneySide party hostess a few months ago at the MomSelect website and was really excited when I found that I would be receiving a kit with products specifically intended for hosting a Villains Teen/Tween Party. the box had everything that I needed (minus the food) to throw a great party for at least 10 girls. Here is a link to my girls opening the box then it arrived.


This is the perfect theme for us! All of my kids are older (10 and up) so teen/tween is my life! We decided to give this one to the girls and let them show their #DisneySide while having their friends over for a fun Saturday morning. Plus I always find myself drawn to the Villains and trying to see their side of the story as well.

All of the girls wore the trademark colors of the Disney Villains to our party (black, purple, and green). We started the party by decorating plain white cups with decorations that show our personal #DisneySide:


Followed by a trip to an AMAZING hot chocolate bar:


That included cookies, candy toppings, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and more!


Once we were set with out food and drinks we played a ton of games Disney style.


We did a word-search, played Bingo, and did a full on trivia game where each winner won a prize that I had picked out box of goodies that I received.


Last but not least we hit up the photo booth (what did we ever do before photo booths?)! The girls took at least 45 minutes doing crazy, happy, fun, sad, silly, and cute groups, singles, and couples photos. All that were printed using photo paper from by box of goodies!



*No animals were harmed in the taking of these photos*





Some of the photos were even too much for the Photo Booth to handle!


By the end they were just going crazy, photo bombing, and eating whip cream like the Zombie Apocalypse starts tomorrow!




The party was amazing and the girls keep asking when we are going to have another one!

PS. I promised that I would not post this but since I don’t think the husbands/fathers read my blog I am going to post this anyway. When the girls were busy playing games the guys decided that they wanted to show their #DisneySide too: