This Week:

Yowzers. I mean I know I have had busy in the past weeks but this one is one for the books. I don’t think I have stopped once all week.

On Wednesday we had a very busy day. Lewis was out-of-town for work and the boys were busy playing video games so the girls and I headed into DC for a fun day. First, we met up with Katie (Disney Katie) for pedicures in Bethesda, MD.


The lady killed my nail beds but my toes looked fabulous. My girls got the full works as well. They love the little massage that they get with the pedicure, it makes them feel so grown up.

After pedicures we headed into DC to meet Heidi (Me and My Tween) and her kids at the National Zoo. The baby panda was in a great mood and was showing off a little while getting ready for a nap.

PicMonkey Collage

So cute!

After the zoo we headed to an early screening of Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue. It was so much cuter than I thought it would be. Everyone had a great time thanks to Fandango.


On Thursday morning at 3 am I was up bright and early (after getting to bed at midnight) to get ready and drive to catch my bus to New York! I was headed off to Sweet Suite/Blogger Bash (MUCH more on this later in the week, and weekend). I was at Blogger Bash for Thursday and Friday and got home on Saturday morning about 4 am. It was a CRAZY 48 hours but one of the most fun girls trip/blogger get together I have ever been to. Let’s just say that I can’t wait for next year!

BB Red Carpet

Saturday brought me home to my loving family, dirty clothes, an empty fridge, and a little dog that missed me more than the human did.

Sunday was a shopping, cleaning, packing day.

Because on Monday morning bright and early I left for a vacation to Utah with my two teenage boys. We left the house at 6 am and flew out at 9 am. We were in town eating some delicious lunch from one of our favorite restaurants by 2 pm.By 3 pm the boys were with friends and I was at a beauty appointment. Followed by a visit to an Urgent Care for myself when my knee/leg swelled up to elephantiasis size. Awesome. I was checked over completely, blood taken, and I was sent home with an ace wrap.

uesday brought a follow-up in the morning at Urgent Care, driving boys to friend’s houses, lunch with my good friend, and a preview of the Pioneer Day Parade Floats. I am in Utah and it is a state holiday this week (which we really didn’t think about before booking our trip but who doesn’t like a day of parades, food, and fireworks?) to commemorate the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. When we lived here we never really participated in any of the activities besides buying and exploding as many fireworks as we could. (My husband and children are all little pyromaniacs.)

Parade floats

This week has been non stop and next week will be the same! Wish me luck!

Purchase Of The Week:

BRAND NEW COMPUTER!!!! All for me!! It is a laptop all for me! I am so excited and can’t wait to get the hang of this new machine!