*This is the 6th in a series of posts about a blogging conference that I went to in NYC in July. The conference was called Blogger Bash and it was a series of parties where bloggers got one on one with brands in an intimate setting.

Blogger Bash

So I know that I have done quiet a few recaps already for some of the parties during my two days at Blogger Bash but I also wanted to do a general recap so that I could hit on some of the things that didn’t exactly fit into one of the other “party posts”.

On Friday afternoon in-between parties we were walking through the NickMom and #3Moms cocktail Party. They were blasting some great music while serving some yummy treats and drinks. They provided us with a little swag bag which had one of my favorite swag items from the whole two days inside. Even though I don’t drink wine this has been used daily for other concoctions. My girls think it is so funny that I have my own Mommy sippy cup. I love it because it is something just for me. When they ask to use it I just say:

“Read the side. Whose name do you see? My name, my cup.”


  After recievingt my awesome cup we walked back around the bar to talk to some other bloggers and this happened.


Aaaannnnnnddddddd so did this. So after the first picture I asked him, “So, for our next picture can we kiss you?” And he said in a very dirty come hither voice, “Yes please!” So we did. And look at that dirty look on his face. Naughty hot fake fireman model.


I know that the pictures are a little blurry but um, I couldn’t help but keep them and post them. I think the person taking the photos was laughing so hard that she couldn’t hold the camera still. Or she had had one too many yummy drinks from the bar. Either way, I’m good.

For lunch on Friday Blogger Bash brought in Johnny Rockets. We were able to watch some awesome ketchup artistry. Yes, that is right I said ketchup. Look at these amazing works of art that they were making.



With this being a blogger conference they let us get our hands dirty and try the ketchup art for ourselves. As you can tell from the picture below, I still need a ton of practice. It was really fun to try, but obviously ketchup is not my calling. The artist that Johnny Rockets brought in was fabulous.


Overall the two days were an amazing experience, especially since I was able to do all of this with a friend. Thanks to Roshelle for flying across the country to have a “play-date” with me and a bunch of other bloggers that she has never met.

I was able to meet so many people who were just “virtual” to me and see that they are real and really, just normal girls like me. What? I’m normal.

I want to give a huge shout out and thanks to the wonderful women that put this whole thing together. I am sure that nobody will ever know or understand everything that went into putting this two days of AMAZING together for us except for them. They did a great job and I can’t wait for next year.

This is how I feel about the whole experience:


By the way, this is what I came home to in my Inbox. Just so you know I was checking and answering emails as often as possible while I was away, but Blogger Bash just kept us so busy with all that there was to do and see. Not to mention all of the brands that kept us busy playing and having a great time. I guess I can live with this after a great two days in New York City at Blogger Bash! Now to just get all these emails answered.