This Week:

On Wednesday I worked all day but took an hour out of my time to make a treat with my girls. You should see a post about this soon.


And to review a bunch of toys for a toy round-up post coming out later this week. The girls were in heaven. Finally mom’s job pays off for them 🙂


On Thursday Lewis took Adam to take his driver’s license test. I was on pins and needles waiting to hear if he passed. And he did. But my husband being my husband and my son being well, my son they didn’t take any pictures. I will be sure to fix that very soon 🙂

I had a doctor appointment in Reston, Virginia early in the morning so I took Haley with me so we could make it into a girl’s day. I got up early and got my work done for the day and we headed out. She was such a trooper hanging out in the waiting room while I saw the doctor, had x-rays done and then waited for them to decide what to do with me. Everyone knows how long that can take. When they were all finished with me we headed out and drove to Tyson’s Corner to spend the rest of the day because I had a surprise for her that night.

We had a great day together. Including a special surprise. Watch for a movie review post on the 22nd for more!


Saturday Lewis and I hit up a casino that is fairly close to our house. We had dinner at one of the restaurants and it was pretty good. Good prices and decent food, actually much better than I expected. We might have stayed to play a little Blackjack, but I am not telling. We might have won some money too, but again I am not telling.

Sunday we took the kids Back To School shopping in Hagerstown, Maryland at the Hagerstown Premium Outlets. All of the kids finished up their school shopping and Lewis and I each got a couple of things as well. I have to say it was a good set of outlets. They had most everything that we wanted and it isn’t too far from home. We also hit up the regular mall and Sam’s Club since it has been about a year since we checked it out. Our day of shopping was almost too much for some of the kids.


Monday school started! I will try to keep my excitement to a minimum. This year I have kids in 11th, 8th, 6th, and 5th grade. This is the last year that my kids will be spread out over 3 different schools. Next year we are down to two schools, with no little kids left in elementary. I’m not sure I am old enough for this.

As you can tell Abi (the 5th grader) is the only one that was really excited for the first day of school photo. My oldest barely tolerated it, and one of the middle kids (I will let you guess which one) whispered, “You just took a piece of my soul.” Ummmmm….


School means cross-country practice and volleyball tryouts as well. Well it would have meant volleyball tryouts if I was a good mom. But I totally spaced getting the 6th grader the physical and so did she so no tryouts for her so that means no team 🙁

Purchase Of The Week:

So Costco was out of our brand of toilet paper the past couple of times that I have been so we have been using some from the pantry stash in the basement. Then I was in Utah for 10 days so we really were running low. And well we were pretty pretty close to running out to be honest. Good thing Sam’s Club had our brand in stock when we went on Sunday. Out of everything that I bought this week this was the most important and needed item.