This Week:

This week has been very very slow. The kids have been in school, and I have been working. I feel like I spent most of the week catching up on sleep that I didn’t get while I was in Orlando. I even skipped a Blogger get together because I was just too tired. I worked a lot this week, slept a lot this week, and did a lot of laundry this week. In fact, I still haven’t unpacked one of my suitcases – stop judging, I am judging myself enough for all of us.

On Thursday I had to go to the dentist to have a broken tooth fixed. It was a painless experience during, but ever since my mouth has been sore. I have been living off of soup this week because every time I try to chew anything my mouth hurts. No bueno.

On Saturday I hosted a Fit Made Fun party with my girls and their friends. The girls had a great time – except for the heat. It was so hot and humid outside that we had to take breaks and come inside to cool off in-between activities.


I will leave you with something that I have seen shared around the internet this week. I don’t know where it came from but I think all parents out there can agree with at least some of this list and have a laugh.


Have a great week!