While I was in Orlando with the Family Forward: Orlando Retreat I got to enjoy myself and go to Diagon Alley, Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hogsmeade, stay at the Portofino Bay Resort Hotel, and do a bunch of other fun and exciting things, one of which was visit Give Kids The World.

Give Kids The World

One evening we had the opportunity to visit Give Kids The World in Kissimmee. I wrote about them before the trip because I was so excited to visit and learn more about the organization. I couldn’t wait to see it in action.

When we got there we were split up into two groups and we did a photo scavenger hunt using Twitter and Instagram. The bloggers really enjoyed the tour, learning about the property, and taking pictures with all of the special buildings and centers.


My favorite place was the room with all of the trains. I think it is because my kids loved trains when they were little, I could see them sitting in the room playing with the trains and the city for hours. What a great room for train lovers.




My photos of the town and train set are a little red due to the lighting in the room. While we were inside looking at the trains a sudden Florida downpour hit us during the tour. The rain was coming down in sheets so hard we had to wait it out under a porch outside the building. You can see just how wet it was in this picture that I took of the ADORABLE car made out of a golf cart. How fun is this for the kids to get to ride?


When the rain stopped we went to see the stars. Each child can leave their name and wish for the “fairies” and the next day their name has turned into a star and placed on the ceiling of the building. They keep track of the names so kids can come back years later and still find their star. As you can see there are thousands of them, and this is just a small sample.


In the same building as the stars there is a wishing well that you can throw pennies in and make wishes. Such a sweet place for the kids to be.


Next we walked through the ice cream shop. It is open for the kids to have ice cream any time that they want, even for breakfast! I think everyone needs to have ice cream for breakfast once in their lives. It is special and indulgent and if you haven’t done it, then you are not living!


After the tour we had dinner and everyone go to swim. It was a great evening at an amazing place. Check them out if you get a chance. They are always in need of volunteers and donations, all for a really good cause.