School Is Out For The Summer!


For seven years I worked in the school system. I loved my job because despite the craziness of the school year:

  • early mornings
  • late nights
  • field trips
  • volunteering
  • homework
  • those damn at home projects
  • fees
  • after getting the kids to bed at 9 – starting MY work that had to be done by morning
  • stress
  • dealing with crazy parents
  • and so much more

I got my summers off. When the stress and monotony of the school year brought me down all I had to do was count the days until summer break and I was happy again. I longed for the sunny, warm, happy days of summer. You think that kids are funny counting down the days left of school? Talk to an administrator, teacher, or janitor. Even though we love our jobs and our kids (as we call them, and I truly do mean that I grew to love all of the kids) we wanted summer to come as much as the kids did.

I no longer work in schools. We moved cross-country two years ago and I took a major turn in my career field and I am doing something COMPLETELY different. I like what I am doing now. I am enjoying learning something new and getting to know lots of really awesome new people (all of you!). But there is something that I miss with my whole heart.

Summer break.

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around being this adult that has to work every single day and not have a long 10 week vacation each year. I miss my long days sitting at the pool at my local fitness club – reading book after book with no worries (except for what to order for lunch from the restaurant). With my kids playing in the pool, getting tan, laughing, and having a great time. I am having second thought about this adult business. I don;t want to grow up and work. I want my long summers back.

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