New year, new you – right?! Well, have you gotten started?

A lot of great gyms offer a free week trial or free Saturday classes.  If you, like most of us, have weight loss or get in shape at the top of your new years resolution list here are some ways to help you find your niche without spending a fortune on a place that you will never go back to once January ends.



Here are few examples to get you started on where to look for free or cheap trial classes in the Salt Lake area.

Firehouse Fierce



Cross training and Crossfit gyms have taken the fitness world by storm.  I have made a home for myself at a cross training gym where I started out attending only the free Saturday morning class.  I really loved being able to try it out without feeling like I had to commit.  You can also try if for a week for free to really get the feel of the weekday classes. This particular gym hosts periodical 12 week challenges for a GREAT price (psst there’s one starting in February).  That’s what really got me hooked.  Being part of a contest really helped me get that boost I needed to make a lifestyle change.  I recently convinced my sister to give a 12 week challenge a try.  She lost 17 lbs and 9% body fat.  She is amazing.   If you’re ever in the Bountiful, North Salt Lake area on a Saturday morning give Firehouse Fierce a try.  You will be glad your did.  However, you will definitely not be able to walk the next day.

The Front



If you’re an adventure seeker, The Front in SLC might be the place for you.  You can try your hand at rock climbing with a monthly membership, or get the punch pass.  They have instructors on hand to help you out if you’re new to rock climbing.  Do not underestimate this as a total body workout.  It will kick your butt.  That’s why they offer yoga as well, to help center you after an intense session.  The first yoga class is free so be sure to give it a try.

Pole Fitness


There are several establishments throughout the Salt Lake area to try your hand (and legs) at pole dancing fitness classes.  Pole dancing takes more balance and strength than the movies make it seem.  It’s tough, but a lot of fun and a killer workout.  LaBombe Pole Fitness is right in SLC.  They offer a drop in rate of $20/class or you can get a punch pass card for a better per class rate.

The Big Chains

Several of the big chains will offer a free session or even a free week for people who haven’t ever been a member.  Orange Theory offers a free class.  Vasa will let you visit and check them out for a week trial before paying.  You can always try out a free group class at Golds before signing as well.

Are you on track to get fit in 2017? What’s your secret to success?