Here’s my 5 minute brain dump with All Things Fadra


Random Thoughts On Laundry


  • There is always some to be done
  • You can finish it all but by the end of the day there will be more that needs to be done
  • Everyone has their way of doing it “right”
  • Everyone hates everyone else’s way of doing it
  • It seems like many people hate to fold laundry, but I love folding laundry (especially warm right out of the dryer)
  • I sort my laundry into whites, lights, bedding, darks, and reds (towels are washed alone as a separate load as well)
  • I used to have a sock bucket with HUNDREDS of unmatched socks but since we moved I do not have any unmatched socks (can someone explain that??)
  • I use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets in a matching scent for every load (except towels don’t get fabric softener)
  • I hate to iron and send anything that needs to be ironed to the cleaners
  • People that like to iron baffle me (especially people who iron their sheets, socks, and jeans)
  • If I forget and leave the clothes in the washer for more than an hour after they finish I have to rewash them
  • When I fold clothes they must be warm out of the dryer; if they are cold I must fluff them so that they are not wrinkled
  • I do at least 8 to 10 loads a week
  • Out of all of the household jobs I like laundry the most and will happily do it everyday

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