We were recently invited to Cache Valley for a foodie blogging tour, and we were pleasantly surprised at have our taste buds tickled and eyes dazzled.  Cache Valley is home to my very favorite camping in the world, but I had no idea how much fun we could have spending a day there.

1st Stop- Farmers Market


I am a huge sucker for a good farmers market.  I’ve checked them out from Orange County, to Vienna.  One thing I really like to see is a market where the vendors truly are local and completely connected to their community.  These days it can be hard to find a quaint, not too commercialized, down home farmers market.


The Cache Valley farmers market is totally legit.  Local Honey from Cox Honeyland,  vegetables of every shape size and color, and chocolate croissants the likes of which I haven’t seen since the market in Vienna.  We were treated for breakfast at the Stacked Pancakes tent.  This was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Be sure to try their homemade buttermilk syrup.  You will not regret it.  You should know, you can get it by the bottle.  Um, yes please!



2nd Stop- Butcher’s Bunches

We were able to take a tour of the Butcher’s Bunches facility and watch a batch of Blue Hawaii jam (blueberry, coconut, pineapple) be made from start to finish.


For the rest of my life this is the only jam I will ever purchase.  I make almost all our jam from scratch but from now until the end of time I will keep a jar or two of this stuff in my fridge.


Their process is EXACTLY the same as mine, with one exception, they use better pectin.  It isn’t “like” homemade, it “is” homemade. I recommend the Mint Lemonade, mmmm!

3rd Stop- Gibbon’s Green Gate Farm

This place was the highlight of the day and a definite must see (and eat).  They do farm to table in it’s purest form (breakfast only).  The sausage they serve is made from lamb raised right there on the farm.  Their garden is beyond my wildest dreams and they serve everything in it not more than 20ft away in their darling cottage style dining room.

IMG_0071 (1)


When the food on your plate traveled no more than 20 ft, you know it’s fresh and packed with natural nutrition.  I will absolutely go back there again, and again.  Next time I think I’ll take the kids for a lesson in where food comes from and take home some lamb for later use.

4th Stop- Cafe Sabor

I love Mexican food and this cute restaurant is located in a historic old train station giving it the best ambiance.  We started with the ceviche, which is always hit or miss.  Cafe Sabor’s ceviche is definitely a hit.  You really can’t complain about $3 draft beer, so get one or two.  I also recommend the the carne asada.  The steak was tender and full of flavor.

IMG_0083 (1)

I have to give mention to another Cache Valley treat, KettleCopia.  If you see them at a sporting event or around Utah markets and events, stop and get a bag of their kettle corn.  I could eat a whole bag on the drive home… confession… I did.


Thanks for the great time Cache Valley!  I will definitely com visit you again!