dresser-finalI have an addiction to projects. There, I’ve admitted it. I have a problem.  Well,  the real problem is my addiction to starting projects without, so much, being addicted to finishing them.  I have lots of good excuses in my arsenal of “I would have that done by now, but…” This year I’m crossing things off the list before adding anything onto it.  Simplification is the key.  Rather than over complicating things, which I have a real knack for, I’m going to master simplifying.  And GET… THEM… DONE!  My first target is re purposing that old dresser I just had to get from a yard sale last year.

The Dresser


Isn’t she a beauty?  Can you guess which of my three boys has dibs on this thing… none! But if you look beyond the Pepto Bismol pink color, this dresser is really awesome. I like to find furniture with a little texture.  The molding around the top, down the sides, and on the top drawer add great character.  The structure is in great shape.  The drawers slide easily.  The best part is, it’s a Broyhill. Score! And I picked it up for $15.


Prep Work

Chalk paint = easy!  The best part is that there is almost no prep work.  Chalk paint will adhere to almost any surface so there’s no need for prep sanding.  I did sand the the edges of the white lines because there was a little ridge where the pink meets the white.  I didn’t bother filling any dents or bumps.  They add character that fits the motif I’m going for.  Then I just clean it really well and I’m ready to paint.

The down side to chalk paint, which is NOT the same thing as chalked paint or chalkboard paint, is the price tag.  It is generally around $35/quart.  Ouch!  Get ready for this, you can make homemade chalk paint for a fraction of the price.  And it works just as well.

Chalk Paint Recipe

  • 1/3 cup plaster of Paris
  • 1/3 cup cool water
  • Stir until completely smooth
  • Mix that with 1 cup of latex paint in the color you want and stir thoroughly
  • This will make enough chalk paint for one coat on a six-drawer dresser. Only mix what you need.  Once mixed it will not keep.


Get To Work

After I cleaned this up and finished the little sanding I did, it’s time to paint.  I like to use a good quality brush for the uneven surfaces and a roller for any large flat areas.  I did a  couple of coats of the green including the pulls.  Then, I mixed some chocolate brown paint to accent the grooves.


The great thing about chalk paint is you can slap the paint on wherever you want it, and just wipe away the excess with a wet cloth.  I wasn’t careful with the brown at all.  I made sure to get it in all  the grooves and gently wiped off any areas where I didn’t want it.  Be careful not to over-wipe or you’ll take the green off too.


After everything has dried chalk paint needs to be sealed.  I used Johnson’s Paste Wax. This is too easy. You just wipe it on with a cloth, make sure you get it everywhere, and then wipe off the excess with another cloth.  Being a paste, means no drips.  I did a couple of coats of wax to make sure it’s super water tight and durable.  It is going in a little boys room after all.

Voila. A new dresser for under $30. You’ve got to try this chalk paint and let me know how it goes.